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  • Einladung zum Online-Planspiel-Wettbewerb
    Nutzen Sie Ihre Chance und nehmen Sie, mit Hilfe der Stiftung, teil. [more]
  • ABSAGE der Tagung anlässlich des 200. Geburtstages von Friedrich Engels!
    Aufgrund der aktuellen Entwicklungen und den damit verbundenen Regelungen für Veranstaltungen,... [more]
  • "Technik - Arbeit - Kapital"
    Tagung anlässlich des 200. Geburtstags von Friedrich Engels [more]
  • SAP-Geschäftsführer Dr. Daniel Holz hält Gastvortrag an der Schumpeter School
  • SAP als digitaler Weltkonzern
    Einladung zum Gastvortrag am 25.11.2019 [more]
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Other projects and events

The work of the Schumpeter School Foundation focuses on the promotion of science, study, further education and cooperation between teaching and practice. Funding in ideal and financial terms takes place where schumpeter school research and teaching are particularly taken into account. The focus is on "innovation", "entrepreneurship" and "internationalization".

The foundation seeks to promote potential new talent and bind it to the Wuppertal region through business contacts. In addition, the regional and supra-regional economy will also be interested in the scientific work of the department and will be involved in this through concrete questions from the company's daily business. To this end, the Foundation seeks, among other things, to establish a corresponding network of contacts.  

In addition to regularly held major events, the Schumpeter School Foundation organizes and supports other projects: